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August 14th, 2015 Richard Mulholland

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Turns out the person you’re talking to may not be as interested in the what you’re saying as you are. Turns out most presentations are about as exciting to audiences as looking at other people’s holiday snaps (those of you flying off on vacation today – that means you, punk).

The problem, for presentations and holidays is the same – over-share.

Stop it.

Firstly, you need to remember that when you’re talking, you’re selling, but when they’re asking, they’re buying – and buying beats selling any day of the week. So best you leave at least a third of the time for that. Those of you that fancy yourself as preso pros (or Slide Masters, if you will) know this already, but do you put it in practice? Sometimes.

Here’s the deal, rocking out your next presentation isn’t that difficult, you don’t even need to read a book about, you just need to understand the four wee steps of every presentation:

Step one: Give them a reason to care.
Before you walk up to someone and give their back a scratch, it’s usually a good idea to make sure they have an itch. That’s job number one; create the itch.

Step two: Give them a reason to believe.
Okay, so now they have been given something to care about, but why should they believe that you’re the person that can help them with it? Here’s the time to blow your own trumpet a bit. Not too much mind you, just enough. Think Goldilocks and go for “just right”.

Step three: Tell them what they need to know.
This is the detail. This is where you can get all nerdy on their asses. Share the knowledge, just make sure that you keep it relevant. Separate the stuff that you need to tell them from the stuff that you want to tell them.

Step four: Tell them what they need to do.
This is the clincher, every preso has an objective; it’s to deliver a message to achieve a result. When it comes to the result being a success though, your audience gets the final vote.

That’s it really, 18 years of running a presentation company distilled down to four wee lines (makes me feel kind of worthless if all is said and done, but there you have it).

Just remember, for every 10-minutes of presentation you are delivering to a group of ten people, an hour of attention is being paid to you. Act accordingly 🙂

Posted by Richard Mulholland

A motorbike riding, boardgame playing, punk rocking, kung-fu fighting, kettlebell swinging, business running, microphone abusing inked-ellectual gentleman. And Missing Link founder.

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