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The science of happiness

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May 12th, 2015 Don Packett

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I find it easy. But, it appears, not everyone else does. Recently a friend of mine, Roy, sent me this post about happy staff at work. It explains how happy employees are better at their jobs, and gives tips on how to make (and keep) them happy:

  •  Recognition
  •  Individuality
  •  Perks
  •  Understanding
  •  Company Culture

The benefits of happy staff are clear. More efficient, better with clients, better with suppliers, better with each other. Happy work life, happy bottom line.

And now, for only £2200, you can study the “Economics of Happiness” for 3 weeks and understand that it is clear that we are far more complex and nuanced beings than the utility maximising automatons of neoclassical economic theory allow. Or, do the little things. Whether you own a business or work in a big corporation where no-­one knows your name, do your best to just be happy. Don’t dwell on the past, always look at what you have right now, and make it work as amazingly as possible.

And don’t worry. Be happy.

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