Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was onto something!

It amazes me that in today's opportunity to learn, grow and do better, the world is still full of idiots.

Perspective, Strategy

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, officer…

Is your story being told enough? Are you hitting the right market? More importantly, is your story being told the right way, and are people sharing it?


Hype: The sneaky killer

Has something ever not lived up to it's hype? We explore why "Hype" is a sneaky killer and leaves your customers feeling a little underwhelmed.

Presentation tips

Context beats content every time

It feels like everywhere I go, I hear the cliché “Content is king”, but when I think of the word content I think of a barn full of hay -­ great if you have lots of cows to feed, but not so great if you’re the guy trying to find the damn needle!

Presentation Strategy

Infinite inputs ­- finite outputs

So, you've got your results presentation coming up. New audience, new data, ­new presentation.


Boredom: Awesome

If you drew a square on a sheet of paper, dissected it in half and labeled the left side "Bad" and the right side "Good", where would you place the word "boredom"? Most, I believe, would almost certainly always put it on the "Bad" side. I would've too, until recently.

Presentation tips

The heat is on

One of our top five rules of presenting we share on our website is to prepare for every presentation under the assumption that your technology is going to fail you.

Presentation tips

Unleashing the rock star within

Is delivering that big presentation that different from being a stage performer? I'm not convinced that it is.

Presentation Strategy

Oversharing ain’t caring

Alright, so you're on your way to that big pitch. You have every single bit of detail that you could ever need, all loaded into just one (jam-packed) PowerPoint preso. You're good to go! Well, actually...