The Year That Went Viral: What We Learned From 2020


If 2020 were a presentation, few would stick around for the Q&A though it certainly kept us on the edge of our seats. Here we unpack key takeaways and how 2020 changed what it means to give blinding online presentations.

Slide Stuffing: A legacy worth slaying

Presentation Tips

In true Missing Link style, we’re going to dive into the story of the overhead projector and why this once revolutionary invention is your absolute presentation Achilles heal today. Let’s slay this legacy thinking!

Power on: Basic time-saving hacks for PowerPoint

Time-saving PowerPoint Hacks

A lot of joy can be found in the process of putting a presentation together. But if you’re unaware of some of the basic time-saving hacks for PowerPoint, that joy can quickly turn into infuriating anger.

PowerPoint Font Tips

You know what’s worse not knowing your way around PowerPoint?… Nothing. Especially if your work life is centred around you presenting often.

Zoom tips and shortcuts

Zoom tips and shortcuts advanced settings

As a now 100% remote company we have found some hidden settings, integrated platforms and shortcuts to level up even the pro Zoom user.

How to deliver ZOOM presentations like a pro

A lot in the world has changed, and a lot has stayed the same. We still need to make those sales numbers, and we still need to rally the troops, those slides ain’t gonna present themselves! The problem is that from what I’ve seen, most people’s presentation skills on zoom are up there with 1990 PowerPointers. We can and must do better.