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January 24th, 2019 Don Packett

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Boredom Slayer - The Book

22 years ago, a young, excited, fight-the-power individual made a decision to help people. But not just any people. The people he set out to help were those who were trying to be better, and in turn, trying to make their people better, and then, in turn, trying to make their businesses better. However, they were trying, but just not in the right way.

There was something sucking the life out of audiences everywhere, transforming them from the very people who could change their business for the better, into the disengaged masses. Sucks, right? It was called The Boredom… and it plagued boardrooms and conference venues the world over. Sadly, it still does, but thanks to this guy and his team, it’s slowly been getting better, because people have put their hands up and said “NO MORE!”, and made a decision to stop The Boredom. (Yay!)

Those people stopping The Boredom was great, but our hero decided that that wasn’t enough, and decided to share the love with the rest of the world. To rally as many people as possible behind the movement. After all, the company that he founded pledges to “Save the world, one bored audience at a time”, so that’s what he and the team have set out to do.

Whether you’re a seasoned public speaker or getting ready for your first company presentation, this candid and practical guide by Missing Link‘s founder, renowned global speaker and presentation coach, Richard Mulholland, will give you key insights into:

– Grabbing and keeping an audience’s attention
– Structuring talks that command fees (if you’re going to become a professional speaker) and change companies
– Dispelling the myths around public speaking that are getting in the way of that standing ovation
– Speaking like a true leader

It’s time to fight back.
It’s time to save the world …
one bored audience at a time.


About Rich: Richard Mulholland is the co-founder of global presentation powerhouses Missing Link and TalkDrawer. He is a renowned speaker and has presented his thinking in many countries including Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, USA, Germany, Kenya, Australia, and Pakistan. When not activating his audiences he can be found coaching many top CEOs and TED speakers to activate theirs.

Where you can get it:

Our Books Direct

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Need a little more hands-on Boredom-Slaying guidance? Check out our Boredom Slayers Presentation Training course, or our highly sought-after Executive Coaching programme.

So what are you waiting for? Help us slay The Boredom and make the world a much better place to live in.

Posted by Don Packett

Leader of my Free World • MC • Comedian • Legacy-buster • Eco-lover • Bird-chaser • Wannabe farmer • Curator of

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