November 1st, 2018 Don Packett

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Death to Boredom?

Missing Link‘s core purpose is to save the world one bored audience at a time. We do this by helping presenters get their message across to their audience, activating their audience, in the best way possible.

For us, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re sitting in a presentation as an audience member and you’re bored to tears – and disengaged – no one is winning. The presenter is wasting your time and, frankly, you’re wasting your own time too.

Some believe boredom can be good, though. It just needs to be in the right setting and format. Through some recent research (and Manoush Zomorodi’s TED talk), the basic outline is this:

  • When you move from one train of thought to another, your brain has to switch gears, using up precious nutrients which are in limited supply. We do this all day every day. Waiting in line somewhere? You’ll check your phone. Bathroom break? Don’t forget your phone. There’s no time for just being present with you and your own thoughts.
  • “Spacing out”, or forcing yourself to not think about anything in particular, allows for new opportunities to create. It’s a time for building and thinking, as opposed to a time for consuming.
  • Boredom helps our minds move from the conscious to the sub-conscious, which allows your brain to trigger different connections that you wouldn’t necessarily access if you tried.
  • In that mindspace – default mode – “autobiographical planning” takes place. You look to the past and your brain starts planning for the future.
  • In a ‘bored’ space, you’re ridiculously creative.

So the idea is to plan to be bored. But, do it in the right setting.

Sitting in a boring presentation is not the right setting. Which is why we’ve launched our #NOvemBORE initiative.

What is it?

Every time you’re sitting in a boring presentation – throughout the entire month of November – we want you to send us a selfie and hashtag it with #NOvemBORE. LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram. We don’t mind which one. Just let us know. The best #NOvemBORE selfie pic chosen at the end of the month will win a FREE KEYNOTE PRESENTATION (for you, or the person who bored you, you can decide).

So, your challenge for November: Use your boredom wisely! (And let us know about it)


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