Watts Involved Podcast EP 57: Interview with Don Packett Radio

01 October 2019

David Watts interviews Don Packett on Missing Link, Boredom Slayer, Presentation Training and thier amazing presentations.


Ads24 – Food for Thought: Humans versus robots Online

23 May 2019

Missing Link was lucky to be a part of Ads24's annual "Food For Thought" event. We worked with the team to build the concept of the event, and also had Don and Rich host and speak.


Telling good stories with Don Packett on The Money Show Radio

25 September 2018

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews Don Packett on telling good stories


Reality Check with Rich Mulholland on CliffCentral Radio

18 December 2015

Your weekly dose of ideas, rants and fresh perspective


How not to suck in front of a crowd Online

01 November 2015

A little Q&A from the Heavy Chef team with Rich on how to master the art of presenting.


Carving your own niche Print

17 September 2015

Why building a niche is so important for the success of your business.


Being an ideas man Online

16 September 2015

The frustration Rich experienced which prompted him to start up Missing Link


The cool office catalogue Online

10 September 2015

Our shooting range made it into the Cool Office Catalogue for those that might need a little office space inspiration.


The Man Cave visits Missing Link TV

01 September 2015

Siv from The Man Cave crew recently paid us a visit to check out our space and have a chat to Richard about our business and his book, Legacide.


Business innovations built from strategic game playing with Rich Mulholland Online

01 July 2015

Legacy thinking may be taking over your business. It's important to make sure you move past the old way of doing things and on to the new.