You are the collection of your things. The clothes you wear, the things you buy, the car you drive. They’re your things, and they make you, you!

We have our things too.

Most companies have values to drive behaviour. However, we believe it’s our things that make us, us. We didn’t want to get all philosophical about it, we wanted something real. So we looked back at the last 21 years and we picked out the stuff that made us work. The stuff we valued, and the stuff our customers valued. These are those things.

Missing Link's 9 Things
The 9 Things that we hold to our core.


Missing Link’s 9 Things (download the PDF here) are not only a representation of what we hold ourselves accountable to for each other. They’re also the things we hold ourselves accountable to for our customers. Beyond the project, beyond the contract, beyond the deadlines, lie our 9 Things that underpin it all. Our 9 Things that make us, us.

We give a shit. We aim to make people smarter. We focus on solving the problem, and then creating work that’s worth signing. In any interaction with our customers, we want to be impossible to forget. At the same time being badass at the boring, ticking things off the list as we go. We take time to understand the problem, and assume fucking nothing. We have a stash of cement pills handy when we need to harden the hell up and make tough decisions to have tough conversations. And finally, we’re born to question everything. Even these Things.

This is our commitment to ourselves, each other, and our customers.

If any of our team is not living up to our 9 Things, I want to know straight away. Challenge us on these things. Push us even!

Do. The. Thing.

We sure intend to.

Want to see what each Thing represents in detail? Download the PDF here.