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Phive (5) Pretty Powerful PowerPoint Pointers

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July 31st, 2019 Devon Els

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PowerPoint has some great tools to help you create awesome presentations. Our PowerPoint gurus are giving you some of their hottest tips so that you can be cool like them. Unlocking these tools might seem like climbing Mt Everest but, believe me, YOU CAN DO IT! 

Here are five of our most asked for tips to kick start your presentation designs and activate your audiences.

1. Morph Transition

The mighty segue from one idea to the next can dramatically improve your presentation reception and flow. The PowerPoint Morph transition allows you to have an element on a slide change and move to a new position on the next slide. This gives you the creative power to make the link between coffee and George Clooney without a fade to black.


Head to the transitions tab

2. Design Ideas

If you really are terrible at design and need a helping hand you can have PowerPoint make your slides a little less sh#t with the design ideas tool. Place your content on the slide and it will recommend a better layout for it or you can learn to design like a professional in our Pimp your preso training, where you can take your sh#tty slides and make them mic drop worthy.


Head to the design tab

3. Pexels Integration

The images you use can make or break your presentations. Given you don’t always have access to Shutterstock, you can always turn to free sources like Unsplash and Pexels but they all have one thing in common, they are in a tab in your browser. Wouldn’t it be great to look at the different images you have available while looking at your slides to make the right artistic choices? 

YOU CAN! Pexels has a plugin integration with PowerPoint that does just that!


Head to the insert tab

4. Built-in icon Library

In the spirit of not having to leave PowerPoint, you can find your icons directly in the PowerPoint icon library! Gone are the days of your Google image thievery. You now have a comprehensive list of icons in every colour to spice up even the fact-heavy pages.


Head to the insert tab

5. Presenter View

As the presenter, you get your own special page that no one else can see. When you turn on Presenter View you will be able to see the current slide, the next slide and your speaker notes all 

AT THE SAME TIME! When you just can’t get that one line down you can save it in the speaker notes and jog your memory should it fail you on stage.


Head over to the slide show tab

These tips will help with your future and current presentations, but this is only the tip of the PowerPoint iceberg. Unlock the full potential of PowerPoint in our Pimp your preso training, and you can confidently add “Certified Audience Activator” and “PowerPoint Master” to your job title / CV. 😉

Posted by Devon Els

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