You know what’s worse not knowing your way around PowerPoint?… Nothing.

Especially if your work life is centred around you presenting often. If you’re pitching, presenting, teaching or facilitating often, then you need to know your way around and you need to get there fast!

Have no fear! That’s why we’re here. I’m going to dive into 4 very helpful PowerPoint font tips that will solve some of your most irritating time wasters.

Format Painter

Duplicating the style of headings and paragraphs is quick with the format painter tool. You will no longer have to search for the font you used and set the font size and colour.

Select the heading with the desired formatting > select the Format painter tool in the Home tab > Select the heading you would like formatted. BOOM! Done.

How to use format painter in PowerPoint

Replace Fonts

Should you have a sudden urge to change the font you have used in all your headings across every slide you have made, there is a much faster way to change them all without having to change them all one by one.

In the home tab, select the arrow next to replace all (MAC: Format > Replace all) > Select the font you want to change > Select the font you want to change it too > Close

How To Format Fonts In PowerPoint

Embedding Fonts

It can be difficult to keep brand-specific or custom fonts the way you want them when sharing your PowerPoint with external members. Instead of sharing the font file and trying to ensure they install them correctly, just simply embed your fonts.

Head over to file > Options > Save > Scroll down and check Embed fonts. (MAC: PowerPoint > Preferences > Save > Check Embed Fonts)

How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

Export As Video

Should you want to share your presentation without giving editing access you can export your PowerPoint presentation as a video. This will also ensure your presentation looks the way you intend it too.

File > Export > Create a video > Adjust time on slide > Export

How To Export To Video in PowerPoint

I hope these font tips will help you be the Sheriff of your Serifs. But seriously, when you get to grips with these little PowerPoint font tips, they can save you hours of time a lot of frustration and make your presentation stand out among mediocrity.

If you enjoyed this and you’re interested in more useful presentation hacks and tools or you just enjoy dad jokes, check out our Presentation Training.

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