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July 8th, 2019 Devon Els

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Don Packett challenged our top designers to compete in Better Presenting‘s presentation design competition with their newest partner, Powtoon. 1st prize is a full-conference passport to the Presentation Summit, three nights at the conference hotel, a one-year license for Microsoft Office 365, a one-year license for Powtoon and a copy of Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck, by conference host Rick Altman.

"If you win, we will fly you there."

Don Packett

That’s all the motivation we needed to get to work on our submissions.

Staged and judged by a three-way partnership of PowtoonMicrosoft and the Presentation Summit, the contest received entries from Alabama, Antigua, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. Four finalists were chosen and our very own Daniella Balona from Missing Link was awarded 1st prize!

Daniella's winning submission:


"Daniella, we loved "Be the Third Pig" and we chose it over nearly 100 entries to the contest. Its message was uplifting, the storytelling immaculate, the rendering squeaky clean and the whole thing felt like a well-orchestrated ballet. We are so pleased to award you first prize in our contest and send our heartiest congratulations!"

Better Presenting

Daniella received the mail on a chilly winters evening and could not believe what she had just read. She was in shock to say the least. Dani messaged us to check if what she had received was in fact, the winning email. And it was! She was crying, her family were doing the Harlem shake and we broke out the champagne and strippers.

Daniella was only hired a mere 7 months ago, and she puts so much love, GAS and passion into everything she does here. Watch this space as this girl is gonna go far.

Why not have your upcoming presentation designed by Daniella and our crew of top designers? Yup, you can have an award-winning designer create your very own epic preso, that brings across your message brilliantly. Check it out: Presentation Design and Strategy 

You can even be just like Daniella with our Presentation Training sessions. Book your seats here: Slide Masters

Posted by Devon Els

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