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At Missing Link we strive for great presentations. The kinds of presentations that change the world, win you new business or get you the funding you’ve pitched so hard for.

With that in mind, we’re taking 25 years of Missing Link knowledge and giving you not one, but three areas of presentation that will help you plan, design and execute an ovation-worthy presentation for every occasion.

Hosted by our very own, Senior Presentation Strategist, Daniella Balona, Presentation Designer and Trainer, Joshua Peterse, and the Master Trainer, Kevin Dike.

Over the next 30-minutes the team will be teaching you:

  • Writing your presentation: Setting a victory condition
  • Designing your presentation: How to apply billboard thinking
  • Delivering your presentation: How to present with confidence

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About Dani

Daniella arrives at each meeting with 15+ years of above-the-line agency experience, a Degree in Brand Strategy and Honours in Graphic Design, an armful of well-deserved awards, and the explosive energy of a nuclear power station on fire. If you want someone who can find the sharpest, sexiest way to deliver a message that matters, Dani is your gal.

She wears (rather well) the hats of strategist, design-thinker, coach and, as such, works with clients from the first spark of an idea and right up to their inevitable explosive delivery. Some of her clients have gone on to win presentation awards, the content she has helped craft has been seen by millions on the TED stage, and more than one customer has given her the kudos for their promotions.

It’s her breadth of skills, bolstered by her limitless capacity for knowledge, and her unbreakable enthusiasm that has made her one of the most sought-after content curators at Missing Link. But it’s this magical, pervasive, infective, wonderful fervor she has to make the world a better place that makes her so essential to us.

She has authored and illustrated a published kids’ book, has two wild-haired, highly-opinionated girls of her own and will one day learn to bake.

She gives a shit like few others are capable of, and can do absolutely anything she sets her sights on. When she speaks, the successful listen.

Daniella Balona Professional Presentation Strategist
Josh Peterse Presentation Trainer

About Josh

We are very lucky to have been able to include Josh on this page – for both his professionalism and his personality. With regards to the former, his work is as interesting as it is brilliant, which is why he is globally recognised as an authority on design thinking, and Africa’s very first expert to be Prezi accredited. Wiser than his limited years should allow for, he has (mad) skills in both narrative strategy and visual-aid design, and it’s this combination that has made many great brands’ content so powerful, and his TEDTalk speakers so memorable.

But it’s thanks to the latter aspects of our Josh that our clients really shine. Having learned to love the stage himself, he knows how to use each coaching session to bring out the very best in each individual. Be prepared for his jocularity, his terrible pranks and his 10-meter wide, 1000-watt, energy-efficient grin.

His decision to join our family all those years ago has made it stronger and smarter, and his hunger for information and trends continues to do so.

On his weekends off he is a rather quirky music producer for local artists, and you can (and should) find his music video on YouTube. He does a wicked version of ‘Careless Whisper’ – go on; make him do it.

About Kevin

There is a good reason that our training interventions are so popular, so powerful and so ‘perorative’. That good reason’s name is Kevin and he is the head of (and primary content developer for) the Missing Link Academy.

Having cut his teeth (and his abs) as an award-winning, world-traveling live drummer, Kev knows all the stand-up-and-stand-out techniques to move an audience to its feet. Since switching the sticks for the mic, he has trained over 50 TEDx speakers, hundreds of CEOs, many, many teams and even a few talk-show hosts and public figures.

But is he any good? Well, one of SA’s largest listed financial institutions insists that Kevin’s bottomless energy and inspirational positivity are best experienced in person, and fly him to wherever they need him to be and, thus far, has traveled to 9 different countries, 108,000km and 163 hours of plane time to make people smarter across the planet.

Online and in-person, Kev is one of the gosh-darned nicest people you’ll ever be lucky enough to meet, and he will leave you a stronger, more dynamic presenter – like it or not.

Kevin Dike Presentation Head Trainer

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