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Missing Link’s Preso Playbook

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November 5th, 2018 Don Packett

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Missing Link's Preso Playbook

Educators, captains at our craft and, even heroes, are some words people would use to describe our contribution to the world of presentations. Why? Because we’ve created methodologies to master, and tools to take action, like our very own Preso Playbook, which is jam-packed with our (to date) 21-years-in-the-making thinking and framework for activating audiences.

What you’ll get in the Preso Playbook:

  1. Knowing when NOT to present
  2. Understanding SPAM
  3. Why context beats content
  4. How to structure the flow of your preso
  5. Audience brain capacity
  6. Identifying (and sticking to) the objective
  7. Why process is so important

So grab the free PDF, read it, learn it, master it. But most importantly, get out there and slay boredom!

Download our Preso Playbook

Posted by Don Packett

Leader of my Free World • MC • Comedian • Legacy-buster • Eco-lover • Bird-chaser • Wannabe farmer • Curator of

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