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Boredom Slayers Roadmap for Creating Great Presentation Content

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October 10th, 2018 Don Packett

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The Boredom Slayers Roadmap

When it’s all about getting to know your audience and delivering content that will drive them in a specific direction, you need a roadmap. This is Missing Link’s Boredom Slaying roadmap that we use every day to structure our presentation content. And now you can, too.

Step 1: Give them a reason to care

Why would your audience be interested in your presentation if your content doesn’t affect them? You wouldn’t watch a movie if you didn’t like the trailer. Give your audience a reason to care about what you are about to present.

Step 2: Give them a reason to believe

Now the audience is invested, but why should they believe that you have the key to unlock solutions? Give them a reason to believe.

Step 3: Tell them what they need to know

Now you’ve got to give them the facts. What do they need to know? Get out those nitty gritties and help them understand the journey to reach the next step.

Step 4: Tell them what they need to do

Get ready for the climax… Tell your audience what to do with all this new information! Do they need to apply, follow, sign up for, read ext. Give them an instruction.

Ready to give it a try?

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