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Boredom Slayers SETA Accredited

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Educate - Presentation training and PowerPoint Training

Boredom Slayers SETA Accredited
8-10 PAX

Taking our core Boredom Slayers preso training methodology and combining it with SETA’s training content, our 2 day SETA-accredited workshop is specifically designed to help you (and your team) explore the methods we use at Missing Link to build presentations that engage audiences and drive results – while still getting your SETA points and all the good things that come with it. You’re welcome.

What to expect:

The two-day workshop is split into 3 parts:

Content uses our custom content tool to generate a message with impact in the simplest possible way.

Design gets your team to develop visually effective slides that leave your audience with a smile instead of a migraine.

Delivery is where we put your great story and slick slides together, and get your team owning their presentation.


You will have learnt the tools and techniques to change the way you communicate and as a result, never put another audience to sleep. You’ll walk out with the practical experience to create impactful, action-oriented presentations and you will have a lot of fun along the way! You and your team’s approach to presentations will be forever changed, for the better. You’ll also receive all SETA-accredited content and points for training.