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Graphics and Animation

Create - We create presentations, videos, and animations that activate audiences

Graphics and Animation

Whether it’s about enhancing delivery and video impact or if it’s just standing on its own, great animation is always cool. We’re not talking cheap Pixar knock-offs here; we mean compelling, relevant, dynamic 2D animation that cuts through the clutter and gets your message out there.

What to expect:

A well-crafted message (with storyboarding), efficiently executed graphics plus all the music and sound effects that make for a slick and professional animated video.


We will have taken your complex idea and delivered it across to your audience in a short, simple and easy to understand way.

Welcome to the animation arena:

Scribbles animated video
Simple but effective, these hand drawn videos are a great way to get key messages across in an interesting and engaging way that doesn’t break the bank.

Pop up animated video
Also known as common craft videos, these entail hand drawn, mini puppet style graphics that “pop up” in front of the camera to bring the story to life.

Animated explainer video
These super popular 30 to 90 second videos are 2D animation in its truest form, with infographics that are brought to life in a slick and totally compelling way.

Animation/composite video
This is where we use animation to visually enhance a video production, emphasise key messages and take the production value to the next level.