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Level Up

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Educate - Presentation training and PowerPoint Training

Level Up

So, you've been through our Boredom Slayers or Shift training and have a good understanding of story structure and narrative, how to make your preso look awesome and how to deliver it, but you have a preso coming up and want to do a run through with a professional first? This is what the Level-up is all about.

What to expect:

In this two-hour session you will present to us as if it were the preso on the day. We then give you constructive criticism and make necessary changes to your presentation, often presenting certain content back to you to show you what it looks/sounds like, in order for you to hit your preso out the park and get the audience to respond in the manner in which you intended.


After the session you will leave feeling a lot more confident about your presentation and have extra ammo to take into the venue to ensure your audience is with you the whole way!