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Master the message

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Educate - Presentation training and PowerPoint Training

Master the message
8-10 PAX

Sometimes presentations feel like school projects: painful, yet something you have to do. Our 1-day presentation workshop is specifically designed to help you (and your team) explore the methods we use at Missing Link to build presentations that engage audiences and drive results.

What to expect:

This full-day training workshop teaches your team the fundamental principles to improve your presentation structure and narrative. We have perfected the art of creating an effective message to an audience, refining our methodology over the past 22 years to bring to you an absolute and defined structure with which to create every presentation you’ll do from this point on.

Why believe us? Well, TED Global (who had us train their TED fellows), hundreds of executives and thousands of other presenters around the world can’t be wrong, can they? No, they can’t.


You will have learnt the tools and techniques to change the way you create your narrative and as a result, never put another audience to sleep. You’ll walk out with the practical experience to create impactful, action-oriented presentations and you will have a lot of fun along the way! You and your team’s approach to creating the structure of a presentation will be forever changed, for the better.

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