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Meeting Masterclass

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Meeting Masterclass
10 PAX

Sometimes it feels like you go from meeting to meeting all day long with little to no results from all of them, well look no further, we have designed a masterclass to help you turn those snore-fests into score-fests.

What to expect:

In the meeting masterclass we focus on what truly matters when participating in groups as well as the different types of meetings (we’ll bet you didn’t know there are 5 different types). We’ll take you through structured brainstorming, when to schedule what kind of meeting, all the way to running energised and engaged meetings that have attendees leaving with what matters: A solid outcome. This session helps you nail down your planning and protocol to get the best outputs.


After this session you will have all the tools to plan and execute a great meeting, making sure that you will be able to get the most out of your team.