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Mobile Movie Maker

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Mobile Movie Maker
6-8 PAX

We all know how powerful video is, but unless you’re a full scale production house, who’s really got the funds to spare on the equipment or the talent to make it look any better than a YouTube cat entry? Now, Mobile Movie Maker proves that all your inner Spielberg needs is a phone.

What to expect:

In one day, you’ll learn how to create amazing live shots and animated videos for your website, social media page or presentations. We’ll go into creating dynamic storyboards, setting up your shots, shooting them at the best angle, using lighting to your advantage and editing your footage, all with just an iPhone or iPad.


You’ll walk out with the practical ability to shoot and edit videos, anytime, anywhere, ensuring your content gets more audience engagement whether you use them in person, online or in presentations. Plus you’ll get so much more from your phone than Candy Crush sessions.