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Educate - Presentation training and PowerPoint Training

Pimp your preso
8-10 PAX

For all the years you've been using PowerPoint, what you had in your mind's eye when you started building your last presentation never really made it onto your slides, right? We get it. You need help. And we’re your knights in shining, tattoo’d armour to get you on the right track.

What to expect:

In this training, you will learn the basics of how people perceive and accept information, as well as have your eyes opened to a plethora of online platforms that allow you to access high-quality pics, vids and icons. We don’t give you a bunch of tools and then not show you how to use them, we will be right by your side as you implement all of these tools, helping you make effective and audience-activating slides. So be prepared to take down some serious notes, because we will give you more tips than a box full of nails.


After you have finished Pimp your Preso you will have the knowledge and tools (online & offline) to help you create eye-popping and impactful slides that help get your message across to audiences in the most informative way.

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