Presentation Strategy and Design

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Presentation Strategy and Design

Nobody needs to sit through 80 slides of bullet points and meaningless charts, bar graphs and pies. Our proven methodology gives your audience reasons to care and reasons to believe before telling them what they need to know - and do. Using this format, we can create compelling sales pitches, inspirational messages or rally your troops behind a common cause.

What to expect:

If you’re bored and hating what you’re presenting, how can you expect your audience to be engaged? We’ll start with a fresh perspective, creating context to your content and a challenge to your audience’s priorities. Then we’ll help you define a story that is great to tell and even better to hear.


Far too often, when building a presentation, the speaker thinks about everything they want to put in and not what they want to get their audience to do. It all boils down to the fact that you can provoke, persuade, galvanise, educate, comfort or inspire your audience. We’ll find which of these best matches your objectives and make sure that your messaging achieves it.

There's no one-size-fits-all here - check out some of the common presentation formats:

Keynote address presentation
This unleashes your inner Steve Jobs and helps deliver your big idea. Whether it’s making your strategy stick or unveiling a revolutionary new product, this presentation ensures your audience is blown away.

Thought leadership presentation
Executed in the Keynote style, these are great for industry events where you can give your unique perspective to an audience of your peers and claim your position as the smartest person in the room.

Corporate overview presentation
This is really the bread and butter of the presenting world. It’s suited for most of your general day-to-day needs, focusing on the unique problem that your company solves and executed with more style than a cover of GQ.

Sales toolbox
This is the holy grail of sales presentations – the ace up your sleeve that will leave your competition in the dust! These specific communication tools, including video, animation and training ensure that you can persuade your audience that your solution is uniquely suited to the audience’s needs.

Staff update presentation
Pretty much does what its name suggests – this is the most effective way to get your audience knowing what they need to know to get them doing what they need to do.

Financial results presentation
Sometimes “The Numbers” can be pretty intimidating. Here we make the slides look better and create context so the audience not only understands the digits, they get their implications too.

Case study presentation
Have you done something amazing for one of your clients that you think the world should know about? We’ll help put that story together for you so that you can tell the world of the great things you’ve done!