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Training Audit

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Educate - Presentation training and PowerPoint Training

Training Audit

So you have an internal training program. That's nice. When last have you updated it? Or reviewed the process to see if it's any good? Yeah, we thought so. Our Training Audit critiques all aspects of your training processes, from the narrative, to slides formation and, very importantly, delivery.

What to expect:

In this audit we will sit in your training session and critically assess the process of training, this involves the flow of the training as well as the design. We will also assess the presenter (any presentation is only as good as the person who is presenting) this includes how well the audience responds to the presenter and his/her style, energy, attitude and demeanor.


After the session we will package our findings neatly in a strat doc that gives you feedback and advise on where to go from here to ensure your trainers are doing the best they possibly can.