Victory Conditioning

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Victory Conditioning
8 - 15 PAX

Business strategy was a tool developed in the 1970s to help organisations build a plan for the future, based on the past. The tool assumed that what came before, could help guide what was to come. Today, though, assumptions will kill you. The Victory Condition workshop breaks the "Let's build our strategy and stick to it" mindset into a clearer, understandable goal for leadership and, very importantly, the entire organisation to work towards, and achieve.

What to expect:

Business needs a strategic mechanism to allow operations to be agile and reactive to the changes in the new working world, without ever changing their strategic focus. Change in business then empowers your strategic intention, as opposed to derailing it. Instead of developing a strategy that merely tells people what to do, by defining your organisation’s Victory Condition, you empower your team on what they need to achieve, together. Our workshop is designed to do just that.


A defined Victory Condition for the business, that’s specific and measurable (not just a number), built on a “What by when” framework. The Victory Condition guides every player in the business to move towards something, as opposed to only moving forwards.