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Video and Production

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Video and Production

There’s more than enough evidence out there to prove that video has become the online communication medium of choice. We’ll help you make the most of this preferred tool and get your audience connecting to your message from the first frame.

What to expect:

Our camera crew uses the latest tools to ensure fast, effective, high quality videos that nail your objectives every time. Your video will also have the flexibility to operate where and when you need it, whether online or offline.


You’ll leave with an effective (multi)media tool designed to deliver a key message in a genuinely engaging way, priming your audience for the results you need, whether the video stands alone or is part of your sales and presenting arsenal.

Whatever the occasion, we have a video format to match:

Mood/theme setter video
This grabs your audience’s attention from the start by setting the scene in a strong and memorable way. These high impact videos help get everyone on the same page before you deliver your key message(s).

Corporate introduction video
This is a focused, high impact video that gives your audience exactly what they need: a top level understanding of what you do that’s different from (and better than) your competitors.

Manifesto/call to action video
These powerful, emotive videos are a great way to provoke your audience and inspire them to action by giving them a clear sense of what’s expected of them.

Case study video
Instead of telling the world how great you are, let your clients do it for you. We’ll capture the full story in a compelling video, because praises should be sung!