The Ultimate Sales
Narrative Workshop

There is no brochure slick enough, CRM robust enough or lead funnel wide enough to help a salesperson who is selling the wrong story.

You’re securing all the right client meetings… But you’re struggling to get your customers to sign on the dotted lines?

Sound familiar?
It’s likely you’re telling the wrong story when you’re in the room or call.
What would the impact be on your business if your meetings led to closed
deals? What would the impact be on your business if started telling your
customers the only story that matters – their story?

Missing Link’s Storyseller Workshop turns your entertaining ‘storytells’ into
lucrative ‘storysells’.

The ultimate workshop for you to build your value proposition into a sales narrative so that your teams engage your potential customers and drive new business.

Storyseller Takeaways at a glance:

Sharpen your unique value proposition using the building blocks of story
Develop your own effective elevator pitch
Create a unique and persuasive presentation using the Missing Link Action Framework
Structure the perfect pitch-winning sales meeting
Learn the best tech to help you deliver your unique pitch online professionally
Explore sales psychology methods that Missing Link has used over two decades
Tips and tricks for designing slides that activate an audience*


Imagine the impact you’d make if you could upgrade your value proposition to
magic-potion-only-you-possess” status.

Storyseller can be completed in 2 different ways. We built it so that anyone – from individuals looking to level up their sales game, to large corporate teams trying to align and sell a unified (deal-winning!) story – could get the most from it.

GIBS Business School StorySeller Masterclass

This course is perfect for:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • B2C and B2b Content Creators
  • or Solopreneurs

GIBS Institute of Business Science


StorySeller Enterprise Workshop

This Workshop is perfect for:

  • Enterprise Marketing Teams
  • Mid to Large Sales Teams
  • Mid to Large Product Teams

Please contact us

Packed with all the good stuff for anyone looking to win better deals and influence ideas.

Deeply rooted in sales psychology
Proprietary  plug-n’-play frameworks
Sales techniques perfected over 25 years

Philipp Hartmann and Michael Caito
Featured in Phillip Hartmann’s Dadicated Podcast

Get all your client-facing teams selling the same story. Their customer’s story.

Already in use by large listed companies and multinationals, the Storyteller Framework shifts the role you and your customers play in the story of their success (with you as their trusty sidekick)

Here Be Dragons by Richard Mulholland Cover

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Founder: Missing Link – Presentation Powerhouse
Official trainer of TED Fellows
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Author: Boredom Slayer
Built a six-figure speaking business… That’s in Dollars yo!
Spoken in 30+ countries over 6 continents
Delivered 5 TEDx talks and 1 TED talk

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