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August 22nd, 2019 Richard Mulholland

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‘Tell stories.’

Hit up Google and type in ‘five tips for better presentation’. I can almost guarantee that they’ll all advise you to tell stories. This isn’t terrible, but it makes people think that stories are the Holy Grail, that stories are enough. They’re not. Let me explain this with a story.

The year before my son was born, we got a dog called Murphy. We figured it would be good practice. Murphy was a magnificent tan boxer. He was the most extraordinary animal I have ever known. We did tracking together, agility, man-work, and general obedience. It didn’t matter what task I set out for him, he mastered it. He took obedience to a new level. He could sit in a stay indefinitely; he would only eat food served by people he knew. He knew he wasn’t allowed upstairs in our house. He did everything he was told. Well, almost everything. You see, you have to draw the line on obedience somewhere, and for Murph’ that line was MEDICINE. He would flat out refuse to take it.

Luckily, we humans are a clever bunch and we figured out a sneaky trick to get our dog to comply with the doctor’s orders. You know it, you’ve done it too … we wrapped the pill in some peanut butter. He fell for it every time.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because your story is the peanut butter … but it’s not about the peanut butter, it’s about the pill! If I tried to give Murphy the pill by itself, it would be too bitter to swallow, but if I just gave him the peanut butter, he’d take it, no problems, he’d enjoy it even … but he wouldn’t get any better. The pill is the payload. The peanut butter? Well, that’s just the transportation system.

The reason you are standing in front of your audience is to make them better in some way. The CORE MESSAGE is your PILL, the STORY is just the PEANUT BUTTER. PAYLOAD AND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM.

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Posted by Richard Mulholland

A motorbike riding, boardgame playing, punk rocking, kung-fu fighting, kettlebell swinging, business running, microphone abusing inked-ellectual gentleman. And Missing Link founder.

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