There’s something about online presentations these days that has got people thinking that it’s ok to sit while giving your speech, pitch or keynote address.

It’s not ok. 

When we all sit together in a meeting, it means that we’re all equal and that we all have a say. People feel relaxed and conversational. However, when you’re presenting, this isn’t the effect you should be trying to achieve. When you’re presenting, you’re delivering a message with authority and you’re responsible for your audience’s attention spans and their impending action. Those responsibilities lie squarely on your shoulders and with such a heavyweight to bear, you shouldn’t be sitting on your arse.

Why You Should Stand for Online Presentations

Standing for your online presentations helps your delivery in two ways:

  1. People notice that you careFirstly, it shows your audience that you care.
    In my own personal experience, every time I’ve stood to present online, people have really noticed. Especially these days when so many meetings, seminars and conferences are being held through video conferencing platforms, people notice more than ever if someone is standing. They’ll all say something like “Wow, you’re standing. Do you always stand for presentations?”.Simply put, if you want your audience to feel like something different is happening, stand the hell up.
  2. You’re forcing your own body to care
    Secondly, by standing to deliver your message, you’re setting your body and your mind free to express yourself holistically. You can use your arms and hands again, you can do big movements to bring more power and emphasis to a line that needs to be delivered with gusto. In addition, it creates that subconscious authoritative stance and draws the invisible line between the thought leader speaking and the engaged, listening audience.

How to Stand While Presenting Online

It’s so simple. It’s so utterly simple that I feel odd typing these steps out but here’s how you set up your gear to Stand & Deliver your presentation:

  1. Get a box or desk stand
  2. Put your box or desk stand on your desk. Make sure there are no windows or streaming light behind you. Unless you want to look like a shadowy batman but now is not that time.
  3. Put your laptop on your box or desk stand. Make sure it has plenty of battery or that it’s plugged directly into a power source. Ensure your internet connection is stable and fast.
  4. Adjust your webcam or computer camera so that you don’t cut off important sections of your body. Like your face. Rich uses the Logitech Brio.
  5. Now, that you can see yourself. Test your camera and sound (because you’re obviously wearing wireless headphones). You can even set up an external mic. (we recommend )Fight the urge to freaky dance and sing and sing. Or don’t.
  6. You’re ready to Stand & Deliver to a boss.

Are You Hungry for More Online Presenting Tips?

Yeah, you’re starving? Well, it just so happens that we have sessions dedicated to just that. Our masterclass series of courses will help you level up your online presentation skills so that the next time you’re pitching, speaking or presenting online, there will be no doubt in your mind that your audience is impacted and propelled to take action immediately! wee bit more detail about why standing is so incredibly important.

Make me a Master online presenter

You should watch the video I did on this if you enjoyed this read. Why? Because I’m standing in it. So you’ll see first-hand how effective it can be and also it might coax some laughs and I go into a wee bit more detail about why standing is so incredibly important.

How to present online like a pro


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