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Missing Link’s Preso Playbook

Our free Preso Playbook. Yup, you're welcome.


Death to Boredom?

Boredom can be great for creativity. It's not great when sitting in a presentation though. Let's fix that, shall we?


Missing Link’s 9 Things

You are the collection of your things. The clothes you wear, the things you buy, the car you drive. They’re your things, and they make you, you!

We have our things too.

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Forget Uberising. LEGOrise your business.

What LEGO can teach us all about business...

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“But is it done-done?” How billion dollar industries still get it wrong.

Are you doing your best work, or just 'getting stuff done'?

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Make yourself an option

Don had a thought, it's really, really good!

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The Get Rich Quick Show: #34 How we got to do business with the country’s biggest companies, and how you can too.

Missing Link has an almost exclusively corporate client base... and we had it from day one. Funny thing was, it wasn't difficult - we just decided to get them.

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The Get Rich Quick Show:#33 Your Client List Is Lying To You

Your clients are people that you are working with RIGHT NOW. Everyone else are ex-clients. The lie you're telling your prospects you're telling yourself too - and it's dangerous!

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The Get Rich Quick Show: #32 Selling Ain’t Sales

Often we confuse our ability to sell something, with how good we are at sales. I believe this is a critical mistake.