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Presenting is an Honour, not a Right.

The first step is to change your mindset. Put yourself on that standing line-up of the national team, readying for action. They’ve practised, they’re focused, they have their strategy, and they wear those national colours as an honour.


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Because your story is the peanut butter ... but it’s not about the peanut butter, it’s about the pill! If I tried to give Murphy the pill by itself, it would be too bitter to swallow, but if I just gave him the peanut butter, he’d take it, no problems, he’d enjoy it even ... but he wouldn’t get any better.


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Phive (5) Pretty Powerful PowerPoint Pointers

You have the idea, you have the content, you know what you’d like to bring across, but how do you get PowerPoint to do what you want it to do, and stop your presentation from looking like a school oral?


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Why business leaders need powerful presentations

A presentation is powerful when your message is effectively delivered, deeply understood and achieves measurable, sustainable results.


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And the presentation design competition winner is…

Don Packett challenged our top designers to compete in Better Presenting's presentation design competition with their newest partner, Powtoon.


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Why we’re not a production house

Missing Link is not a production house like most production houses in South Africa. Here's why...


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EOH’s epic Rube Goldberg facilitation event

When your goal is "One Team, One Vision", nothing visualises that quite as well as a Rube Goldberg Machine. Just ask EOH.


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Bucket lists, birding and sticking to the Victory Condition

Most people I know have a bucket list (whether mental or physical). A list of things they just have to experience or do before they die. I created my own Bucket List PowerPoint deck.


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Power to Presentation Preparation!

It's all about having a plan. A REAL PLAN!