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Why we’re not a production house

Missing Link is not a production house like most production houses in South Africa. Here's why...


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EOH’s epic Rube Goldberg facilitation event

When your goal is "One Team, One Vision", nothing visualises that quite as well as a Rube Goldberg Machine. Just ask EOH.


Thought Leadership

Bucket lists, birding and sticking to the Victory Condition

Most people I know have a bucket list (whether mental or physical). A list of things they just have to experience or do before they die. I created my own Bucket List PowerPoint deck.


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Power to Presentation Preparation!

It's all about having a plan. A REAL PLAN!


Missing Link

Think you have what it takes to work at Missing Link?

We're hiring a web administrator who can build Missing Link a brand new website and then manage and maintain it going forward.


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Sharing the Boredom-Slaying message with the world

Any fool can put together a presentation; this book exists because so many do.



Death to Boredom?

Boredom can be great for creativity. It's not great when sitting in a presentation though. Let's fix that, shall we?


Presentation tips

Boredom Slayers Roadmap for Creating Great Presentation Content

So you want to be a Boredom Slayer? Download our roadmap.


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Missing Link’s 9 Things

You are the collection of your things. The clothes you wear, the things you buy, the car you drive. They’re your things, and they make you, you!

We have our things too.