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How to know if you are spamming your audience

Spam is everywhere! Here's how to make sure you are not adding spam to your presentations.


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Know when not to present

People respond to being talked with, rather than talked at; and sometimes the presentation gets in the way, rather than facilitating that conversation. Here's how to know when NOT to present.


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8 Tips for making effective presentations

Rather than doing the same old things with your presentations, shake things up with our 8 tips for making effective presentations.



Your conference sucks: Part 1

I'm often asked what the difference is between a small business owner and an entrepreneur. To me it's simple - small business owners are driven by love and/or expertise in their chosen field; entrepreneurs look at that field from the outside and say, "This sucks; I think I can do it better." I'm an entrepreneur in the presentation and conference space, and I can safely say that it sucks.


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Novelty vs. Utility

I’ve often wondered why some innovative new products take traction and become part of our daily lives (social media), and others (augmented reality), don’t.

The reason is quite simple. It’s the products that transcend novelty – to become utility, that stick around.


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Presenting is an Honour, not a Right.

The first step is to change your mindset. Put yourself on that standing line-up of the national team, readying for action. They’ve practised, they’re focused, they have their strategy, and they wear those national colours as an honour.


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Because your story is the peanut butter ... but it’s not about the peanut butter, it’s about the pill! If I tried to give Murphy the pill by itself, it would be too bitter to swallow, but if I just gave him the peanut butter, he’d take it, no problems, he’d enjoy it even ... but he wouldn’t get any better.


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Phive (5) Pretty Powerful PowerPoint Pointers

You have the idea, you have the content, you know what you’d like to bring across, but how do you get PowerPoint to do what you want it to do, and stop your presentation from looking like a school oral?


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Why business leaders need powerful presentations

A presentation is powerful when your message is effectively delivered, deeply understood and achieves measurable, sustainable results.