I wrote a post challenging leaders to not just cancel their conferences, but rather to take them online. Of course I 100% understand that this is much easier said than done. For many of us this is a new frontier. As such, I’ve prepared a list of resources for your journey.

Your new venue:

For the short term, we’ll be moving from conference rooms to conference calls. Here’s a few options that you can consider. If it’s small, you can, of course, use the likes of Zoom or Whereby etc. For anything larger though you’ll want to go with something like these:

1. CrowdCast

Let’s start you off with crowdcast, have a look at this and tell me that you’re not excited to give it a try:

Heck, you can even demo the tool while attending an online conference teaching you to how to deliver an online conference. How meta.

2. Hopin

In reply to my post, the super-smart Peter du Toit had this to say:

11 000 attendees! Well worth checking Hopin out. This stat specifically stood out to me:

Remember, that’s without any of the personal face to face stuff we get at events. Just the presentations.

3. Run The World

Lastly (well, lastly from me – there are more), there’s Run The World. What’s great here is this:

True to the age-old entrepreneurial mantra:

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Presentation setup:

Okay, so that’s your venue started, what about your preso? The most important thing for me here is brevity. Keep it short and to the point when presenting this online.

  • Show up
  • Speak up
  • Shut up

Make your point and move on.

To make this easier here’s a trello board template with the basic structure in place for you. I’ve posted detail for you from Boredom Slayer in the first card of each section. Tomorrow Missing Link will be sharing a video where I share some presenter tips for you too.

Other tools:

  • A good earphone/microphone combo. I’m a huge fan of the Galaxy Buds +. They are $100 cheaper that the airpods and frankly, I think the look nicer too (and they sound great).
  • Krisp.ai is a fantastic tool that you can use to block out background noise.
  • A presentation clicker is STILL IMPORTANT! Use one. The Logitech Spotlight is amazing (although I use the pen that came with my Surface Pro X).
  • Stay on time, there are many apps for this, just search presentation timer on your phone’s store. At Missing Link though we are big fans of the TimeQube.

Look, the bottom line is that you won’t know until you try. So for goodness sake try! And if you need a team to help run this for you, you only have to ask.

Remember, people need leadership now more than ever.

Lead loud…!

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