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When the going gets tough, leaders start speaking

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March 22nd, 2020 Richard Mulholland

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In times of crisis, powerful communication and visual leadership is needed more than ever and it’s still possible to achieve this even if not all huddled together in a single room. Communicating through times of uncertainty is about putting your big boy/girl pants on and leading your team with conviction.

We all recognise how challenging the coming weeks and months are going to be but within all this adversity there lies huge opportunity as well.

The key right now is to get your team to identify the crisis – it’s not COVID-19 itself but the huge knock-on effects therefrom – and to explore the many opportunities being created. They are in there somewhere, we promise you.

To help you land this message with your team and get you back to business as (un)usual as quickly as possible we are making available a free download of our updated *TalkDrawer talk, Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste, for you to deliver to your team.

What are you waiting for? The time to LEAD LOUD is now.

Download the PowerPoint:

Never let a crisis go to waste. (No spam, promise)

Oh and don’t try and use the excuse that you can’t present this to your team because they are all working remotely currently, simply do it online. We have you covered there as well…

Posted by Richard Mulholland

A motorbike riding, boardgame playing, punk rocking, kung-fu fighting, kettlebell swinging, business running, microphone abusing inked-ellectual gentleman. And Missing Link founder.

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