So, you can now book an online class for just about anything, from cooking classes that will teach you how to cook better than Jamie Oliver, to countless online workouts to get you summer-ready, even virtual tours of the planet Mars where you can watch ALIEN reality T.V. and learn how to embrace your inner alien – all from the comfort of your own home. Why should people attend YOUR online event?

Your audience is bombarded. The influx of online events is more overwhelming than your laundry pile after a long holiday with nothing new or interesting anymore. What makes your webinar/online conference different from everyone else’s?

Here’s how you ensure that people click on YOUR Call-To-Action button and say: “Sign me up, baby! I want to attend THIS event!”?

  1. You need to stand out like a whale between a school of krill

    100% of the decisions people make are emotional. Keep that in mind when you plan your next event, especially when it comes down to your core message. Your key messaging must entice your audience. BE DIFFERENT. Go the extra mile. Plan and prep like never before. And make sure the title of your talk is more flamboyant than Lady Gaga in a Katy Perry music video.

  2. Value proposition

    Why do people want to listen to you? Time is money – will they get value for their time? Will your audience experience that A-HA moment? What are they taking home? (Oh, wait they are already at home…) So, will people stand up from their couch and shout: “We want more!” after listening to YOUR online talk?! You want your audience to say that the event was worth its weight in gold!

  3. Connection

    No, it’s not a wireless connection – it’s connecting with your audience. They must feel like you’re with them in their living room as you deliver your talk. It may seem difficult as hell to connect with your audience during an online event, but it’s not!See how to engage your audience online.

    You can also make use of social media to build up excitement and to engage with your audience before and after the event. Technology can bring us closer – make use of it. People want to feel special. Let them know that their input and questions are important to you. Reply to their DMs and comments. Even something as small as reaching out to your audience has a snowball effect on how your audience will connect with you.

Make sure people don’t only want to attend your online event, but that they’ll do ANYTHING not to miss out on YOUR talk!

There you have it! Stand out. Add value. Connect.

How to present online like a pro


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