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Why we’re not a production house

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June 12th, 2019 Candace

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At Missing Link, we understand that what clients actually need, no… what they desperately need, is the after-effect of the production. Here’s what our CEO, Don Packett, has to say about that.

"Nobody in the world needs slides, nobody needs training, nobody needs videos, nobody needs facilitation.

What they need is what happens once those are done.

That’s what they’re buying. Not the product, but the ripple the product makes when we drop it. We never, ever forget that. Our customers have individual problems, and it’s our job to make sure we solve those problems in the best way possible. "

Don Packett

Yes, we take ideas further than advertising agencies can.

As with mainstream production houses in South Africa, we produce… we’re makers, we create. If you boil it down, and strip everything else away, then yes, you are left with our hardcore products in your hands:

But we are so much more than that.


production house south africa

More than Production Talent

Finding and holding on to talent is a big thing for us. Our people are our best asset; we know it, we honour them, we believe in them. We don’t just see talent as sick technical and creative skills (which is a given), but we mean the more elusive talent that really makes magic happen. Our team is filled with people who care about people. It’s rare. It’s awesome. They care about the impact what they are producing will have on the people who experience them. Our production team sees possibilities when presented with a problem. They love solving the problem. We also fill our office with die-hards (be it for birding, or board games) because that usually means they are passionate, loyal, and opinionated (in the best way). Plus the people on our team are actually people you’d like to hang out with even if you didn’t work with them.

Production House or Audience Activators?

But, beyond all of this, here’s the actual reason why we’re not a typical South African production house…

Here’s the difference…

Production House: 


Audience Activators: 


Don is passionate about this. Here’s what he has to say.


"Being called a 'production house' gives the perception that we’re asked to create something and then we do it. We’re more than that.

We’re the plan that’s required to get the message across.

We’re the guys guiding our customers to deliver a message to achieve a result. That’s not production, that’s activating audiences."

Don Packett

It’s time to deploy your message

If you’re tired of just getting stuff produced, and want actual business-impacting results, you’d better chat to us.

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    leosmirror June 22, 2019 at 8:52 am

    Thanks for sharing your experience. leos mirror group also comes under best ad film production houses in delhi and we have also same types of experiences.


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