Company stats

874 Conference objectives achieved

64% Customer base listed on the JSE

84 000+ Individual audience members optimised

9 / 10 Word of mouth or repeat business

45 Employee companies started

Missing Link was born

It all started back in ‘97.

We’re always telling customers to turn small ideas into big results. That’s because we know how it’s done. Back in 1997, Richard Mulholland was a humble (ha!) marketing manager at Gearhouse, one of South Africa’s premier staging companies. That’s when he figured that you could use the same top-shelf AV equipment and brilliant tech guys for corporate presentations – and get rock star results. We’ve been helping local and international large companies and listed entities do things smarter, faster and more effectively ever since.

What we do

The men behind the magic



Founder of Missing Link, international speaker, author, internet-ordained minister and Chief Mischief Maker at TalkDrawer.

Don Packett


The CEO at Missing Link, professional speaker, Facilitator, author, weekend kids' parties clown, stand-up comedian and Vespa Enthusiast.

Audience Optimisation Units

If you’re bored with your story, how do you think your audience feels? We’ll start with a fresh view on your content, define your story and use PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, PowToons to get the most out of presenters and audiences alike.


Knowledge should be shared and our training department would love to help your people understand more, think differently and execute successfully, no matter the scenario.


Video can do things live presenters just can’t. We’ll handle the shooting and editing, music and animation and bring the big idea to life.


Even with exceptional execution, most failures are still down to inadequate insight. That’s why our first step is always into strategy, making sure that your objective is at the heart of everything we do.


Getting ideas across to an audience is one thing, getting ideas out of them is something else. We’ve spent years of developing our own methods of doing just that – from CEO strategy sessions to large scale conference interventions.

Sister companies

A Full House of Skills and Expertise

Through our sister companies, we can support clients from the start of the strategic game-plan, right through to the final delivery; at any level inside or outside their business.


21 Tanks

This is South Africa’s most unique perspective lab, bringing a whole spectrum of singular facilitation and participative products to the table.

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The difference between a leader and a manager is their ability to communicate.

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A social entrepreneurship startup that sells really awesome notebooks. For every notebook sold, gives away a pack of 5 story books.

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The Sales Department

Cost Effective, Experienced Sales Management available in your business. Zero human capital risk.

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