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can you present without powerpoint?
47% of presenters take more than 8 hours to design their slide decks. That means that almost half of all presentations created in-house incapacitate valuable team members for at least…
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Artificial intelligence... isn't blog thumbnail.
Oh f*ck, not another AI article. Yeah, I’m afraid it is, I’m not sharing tips or apps here though, I’m sharing what I hope will be a well-needed perspective shift. I…
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the naked emperor effect image
Being able to effectively communicate persuasively and eloquently is a fundamental and powerful tool in the toolbelt of any leader.  BUT. What if it is simultaneously a curse? A dark…
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Level up your presentation design
You don’t realise your presentations suck until you see one that really does. And suddenly, all your hours spent copying, pasting, and playing around with the design in Powerpoint or…
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Rich Mulholland behind bars looking angry. Do this to make better decisions.
You’re making way more important decisions than you should be. It is estimated that people make up to 35,000 decisions every single day. This is leading to what is being…
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Calm The Fuck Down
Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Eminem may have made stage fright sound cool(ish), but in reality – nothing about presentation nerves feels badass. It sucks. So,…
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Ending on a high
Have you ever watched one of those Hollywood rousing speeches, think Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday), and felt your emotions rise up inside you? Of course you have. That…
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How to deal with difficult audience Thumbnail _ Cover
If you find yourself presenting enough, be it in boardrooms or conferences, you will eventually find yourself faced with a difficult audience member. As my motorbike coach told me (regarding…
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The biggest Mistake I made as a Leader
Being a leader is hard! We have to feel like we are one step ahead of the people that report to us. and sometimes this stepping ahead can create a…
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