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Ending on a high
Have you ever watched one of those Holywood rousing speeches, think Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday), and felt your emotions rise up inside you? Of course you have. That…
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How to deal with difficult audience Thumbnail _ Cover
If you find yourself presenting enough, be it in boardrooms or conferences, you will eventually find yourself faced with a difficult audience member. As my motorbike coach told me (regarding…
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The biggest Mistake I made as a Leader
Being a leader is hard! We have to feel like we are one step ahead of the people that report to us. and sometimes this stepping ahead can create a…
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Why Scaling with Marketing is hard
If there is one thing all businesses want it is to scale – either their impact or their profit. The key to unlocking this scale is generally marketing. However, this is not…
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Understanding your audience
One quick Google search and every website will tell you about the importance of understanding your audience. Of course, they’re not wrong, but what does that actually mean? Sure, inserting…
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Missing Link's Action Framework

Action Framework

The Missing Link Action Framework Well hi there Tom Poland Listeners (and everyone else who’s here because you’re in need of some help creating an awesome presentation). We’ve put together…
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Selling stories or selling them?
At Missing Link we are big on storytelling. Almost every executive’s script that we work on will include them. Stories are fantastic tools for creating emotion. And emotions create… well,…
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