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Zoom tips and shortcuts

As a now 100% remote company we have found some hidden settings, integrated platforms and shortcuts to level up even the pro Zoom user.

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Virtual Conferencing: You can't know what you don't know

Audiences’ average excitement levels for meetings, webinars and virtual events are at an all-time low. They’re exhausted. And that thin string of patience that’s withstanding cringe-worthy connection and audio problems is about to snap.

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Why should people attend your online event?

Your audience is bombarded. The influx of online events is more overwhelming than your laundry pile after a long holiday with nothing new or interesting anymore. What makes your webinar/online conference different from everyone else’s?

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Missing Link: Richard Mulholland and Sam Leontsinis

Mulholland’s company, Missing Link – the largest speaking presentation firm in Africa – has debuted the “Story-to-Stage” program, a three-month immersive that helps professional speakers generate authority, audience and income. The program’s first class includes well-known entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Australia to Ireland.

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there’s ONE rule when it comes to public speaking at an event that we seem to be forgetting… It’s particularly worrisome in online events because your audience can just walk out the door when they’re done!

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Fast forward to normal

Forward To Normal

The idea of ‘forward to normal’, is to not wait for things to go back to normal. There is no normal, there is only before, during and after.

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How to deliver ZOOM presentations like a pro

A lot in the world has changed, and a lot has stayed the same. We still need to make those sales numbers, and we still need to rally the troops, those slides ain’t gonna present themselves! The problem is that from what I’ve seen, most people’s presentation skills on zoom are up there with 1990 PowerPointers. We can and must do better.

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