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There’s No ‘Zoom Fatigue’ Only Presenter, Tech Fails & Irrelevant Content Fatigue

If 2020 were a movie, it’d be Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Why? It went on forever, under-delivered, and it just wasn’t supposed to happen—who makes the fourth instalment to a trilogy? It’s similar to the worst of the worst online calls and presentations that now jam our calendars. In April 2020 we all joined the Zoom party. Now, it’s so-called ‘Zoom fatigue’. Get comfortable, make a brew and fluff up that laptop cushion, because online collaboration and presenting is probably here to stay. And it won’t be a fatigue-fest if you realize it’s not the tools, it’s us.

Why Is It ‘Fatigue’ For Zoom but ‘Binge’ for Netflix? Hmmm…

We’ve all fallen down a Ted Talks rabbit hole, or binge-watched Netflix instead of doing important stuff, like feeding the kids, or checking what’s on Netflix next month. Feeling the Netflix fatigue? Yeah… didn’t think so. Us neither.

Ted and Netflix are BRILLIANT at stealing hours, even days, of our time because they present gripping, varied narratives, presenters know their stuff, their stage presence is captivating, their flow seamless and their content on-point. Ultimately, they’ve mastered the art of presenting in ways that keep us glued and locked-in.

Venn Will We Learn? Don’t Blame the Presenting Tools; Blame the Tools Presenting

The truth is, there is no ‘Zoom fatigue’. Online or offline, nobody digs cheek-clenching boredom. What we’re really tired of are the same patterns of technophobic ‘mute’ fails, 2D content and yawn-fest presenting.

Did someone say ‘Venn diagram?’.

Zoom Fatigue Venn Diagram

This beautiful specimen shows the three key prezzo madskills that gel and combine to bring the pop and spice to your knockout presentation cake.

Effective presenters

Don’t open with doubts of ‘can you hear me ok?’ Smile, be certain and let them tell you if they’re having issues. Involve the audience, provoke curiosity, speak with the right pace and intonation, use structure but improvise and bounce off of real-time audience feedback.

Functional Technology

Get a great webcam and set up great lighting; pre-mute participants; use power-ups like Prezzi Video that place you right inside your content; learn to use advanced Zoom functions.

Relevant Content

Stay on point; reduce and eliminate irrelevant slides; bring stats to life with relatable examples and data visualisation; use a little humour; create a content narrative that flows through to a final wrapup and take away.

When just one of these things goes out of whack, your audience becomes confused, bored or frustrated. Get all three wrong, and it’s a triple-decker yawn fest sandwich served on a prezzo car-crash platter.

Take Your Events Online & Bring the ‘Wow’

Find the three-way sweet spot of effective presenting using functional tech and relevant content, and you’ll blow your engaged audience’s socks clean off.

Need help finding and maintaining the sweet spot? We’ve got your back. Enlist the Cloudcrew and we’ll help you take your events online to have your audiences purrrrrring.

Keegan Da Costa

Keegan Da Costa

Head of CloudCrew - Your virtual backstage muscle
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