PowerPoint has a sometimes overwhelming number of features available and getting to the ones you use on a daily basis are usually more than just 1 click away. That’s why we have put together our own time-saving PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar that we use when designing presentations.

How to set up the Missing link Custom Ribbon / Quick access toolbar

You will need to import our quick access toolbar into your PowerPoint. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Open PowerPoint
  3. Click File in the top left
  4. Click Options
  5. Select Customised ribbon on the left
  6. Select Import-export on the bottom right
  7. In the dropdown, select Import customization file
  8. Your file manager should pop up. Select the file you downloaded earlier and select open.
  9. You have successfully installed the custom ribbon/quick access toolbar.

What’s inside our Quick Access Toolbar

New Slide Tools

Font Options
Insert textbox, Increase font size, Decrease font size, Bold Italic and underline, Font spacing, case and colour, Replace fonts

Paragraph Formatting

Presenting Tools
Present from the beginning, Present from the current slide, Present online, Rehearse timings, Record your presentation, Export presentation to video

Images, Shapes, Icons, Charts, Crop, Compress, Picture effects

Change background colour, Background styles, Theme colours

Selection pane, Send element forward, Send element backwards, Alignment and rotation

Video Options

Audio Options

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