The Missing Link Action Framework

Well hi there Tom Poland Listeners (and everyone else who’s here because you’re in need of some help creating an awesome presentation).
We’ve put together a few things to help you make your next presentation unforgettable!

The Missing Link Action Framework Video Series

Prefer learning through video format? We have you covered! Rich unpacks the Missing Link Action Framework step-by-step in this video series. Get the most of our Care, Believe, Know, Do (CBKD) structure and what you need to do at each step to win over your audience and drive the action you want them to complete; whether that be sales, investment or changing the world. 

The Missing Link Action Framework Trello Board

Action Framework Trello

This board contains everything you need to structure the perfect presentation. Explore the in-board cards that contain all the detail on what you need to do for each step of the presentation process, based on the book Boredom Slayers.

Boredom Slayer Book Cover

Buy the book that started it all!

Any fool can put together a presentation.
This book exists because so many do.

There’s something sucking the life out of audiences everywhere, transforming them from the very people who can change your business into the disengaged masses.

It’s called The Boredom … and your job is to slay it!