We’ve witnessed huge changes in how we do business and consume content. More time spent online and plugged-in means business audiences have a lower tolerance than ever for average content. The barrier to entry to their hearts and minds is getting higher.

Your audience still wants the same things

Despite a shifting communication and business landscape, your audience still wants valuable, worthwhile and meaningful experiences that help them solve business problems. For you, that means elevating your presentation narratives to new heights to keep a competitive edge and convert narrative into opportunity.

The question now for you is:

“How do I provide valuable and meaningful presentation experiences in a context of communication saturation and distraction?”

The answer is:

You do exactly what you always have, but you do it better, with less irrelevance, more ‘delight’ and all the ‘wow’. Getting a seat at your audience’s round table means presenting yourself as the knight in shining armour by: 1. Mastering your message 2. Designing your presentation effectively 3. Delivering with confidence These are the core principles to apply if you want to become the kind of Boredom Slayer who gives imperial presentations that convert. Let’s break open these three essential presentation pillars.

1. Master your message

Your narrative is the backbone of your content or preso. The moment it hits the trap of “we we” content that’s only about ‘you’ and what you do, you stop being the knight in shining armour and turn into the court jester. You can avoid looking the fool by:

  • Matching the stages of your presentation story to precise, well-researched audience pains and concerns.
  • Structuring a narrative that slowly brings the audience to that lightbulb moment of realisation and understanding, step by step.
  • Making your narrative visual, relatable and accessible so your audience can easily integrate what you want them to absorb.

Fail to do these things and you’ll fail to hit the mark. It’s that simple.

2. Design Effective Content

Perfect. You’ve written a tight narrative—the backbone to your entire preso. Now you need to animate it into being. Carefully crafting a sterling set of slides will ensure your narrative gets cemented in your audience’s visual memory. It’s exactly the same psychology as when you turned the pages of your favourite kids’ books with your parents. Online or offline, your slide deck and presentation aids need to:

  • Assist and illuminate your narrative, not tell the whole story
  • Deliver relevant detail in relevant ways using data visualization
  • Be clear, clean, concise, varied, engaging and uncluttered

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Yet it’s also easy to end up with a bunch of stuffed slides that don’t represent the vision and story you had in your mind. Become a Missing Link Boredom Slayer and we’ll bake in the lessons on how to tie your slides to your story consistently and in compelling ways to light up that lightbulb in your audience’s mind.

3. Deliver Confidently

Give your audience a little ‘showtime’ in how you present and they’ll carry your message with them beyond the actual presentation time. They want you to perform, they want to leave inspired, having gained something and they want to take action. It’s up to you to make that happen. All that careful crafting of your narrative slides is worth little if you melt in the spotlight. That said, it’s easy to say ‘calm your nerves’ or ‘speak with authority.’ Doing it means learning iron-clad techniques for self-mastery. That’s how you stay present in the moment. That’s how you find that golden gear of prolonged calmness— that zen space in which your story takes flight, guiding your audience through an immersive narrative they connect with and understand. Sounds easy. It’s not… but it’s not that hard either when you sharpen your method. Complete the Boredom Slayer Presentation Training Series and you’ll pick up sustainable, practical skills that will help you, not only conquer and dominate your nerves for good, but also elevate your speaking to new levels if you’re already a confident speaker looking for those extra gears. We’ll see you there.

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