Your sales team may be efficient presenters, but if your prospect doesn’t walk away ready to take action – what’s the point? Presentations are made up of many different elements that all work together to do one thing, sell. 

Sure, visuals, stories, engagement and branded goodies can rally up an impressive round of applause, but for your sales team, it has to be about more than just delivering a ‘cool story, bro.’ 

We’re talking selling with conviction, and that starts with presentation strategy. 

So, what can sales leaders do to help their employees pack a punch? Keep reading, we’re walking you through a framework for a presentation strategy that converts!

Strat-up, it’s a wild ride

Before we go any further, we need to get a few things straight: 

  • It’s not about entertainment
  • It’s not about charisma
  • It’s not about design
  • It’s not about a good story
  • It’s not about you

Sure, they all play a crucial part in the overall presentation,  but without a strategy, or as we call it, a “Victory Condition”, your presentations are no match against indifference. 

To create a powerhouse team (and presentation) that brings in consistent sales, there needs to be a game plan – ergo, presentation strategy.  

Pillars locked and loaded – now what? 

Scaffolding is great, but it’s still just scaffolding. Solid, but not quite client-ready. Here are some other elements that your presentation strategy should define to help you meet the CBKD pillars.

  • Know your audience

A great presentation strategy needs to consider the audience and make them the center of it. They are the true north. Define their motives, what makes them tick, and why they should care about what’s being presented. 

  • Define what’s important and what isn’t

Sort and triage the presentation content to optimise clarity. If it’s fluff and not helping the audience move towards action, don’t hesitate to question its legitimacy. 

  • Build a narrative

Stories prompt more clients to buy than research, statistics, rationale, account analysis, RFPs and proposals. But not just any story – your clients’ story (and it doesn’t always have to be a happy ending). Include the dragon that needs to be slayed (their pain points) and highlight the success it will bring when conquered. 

Your clients don’t hate presentations; they just hate bad ones

Although we’ve kitted you out with some pointers on how to create a powerful presentation strat, it still only gets your team to a certain point. Design and delivery are still backstage, waiting to steal the show. 

Our Boredom Slayers presentation helps our clients master every step of the presentation process. Ready to master the message, pimp your preso and deliver in one fell swoop?

Now we’re talking.

Presentation isn’t just about having a slick PowerPoint, they’re the ultimate tool to drive a result for your benefit (and for that of your business) that you’re probably underutilising.

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