As we all blast into the future, we are presented with new discoveries and novel technologies. The super smart people of today are improving great inventions of the past. One example is PowerPoint, an incredible tool for presenters- although some presenters think it’s used to torture audiences until they are bored to death. This year, PowerPoint has received quite an exciting update: Cameo.

How does this help with your Zoom presentations?
The short answer: A new engaging, fun and creative new way of putting yourself inside your presentations.

Making a Cameo

When you present in Zoom, your live feed is cast to the outer rims. All the focus is on your slides and no one can see your facial expressions and excellently timed hand gestures. However, if you make a Cameo deck, you can use it to present live and in-slide!

PowerPoint Cameo Present Inside The Slide

The whole experience becomes a lot more immersive for you and your audience.
Just don’t forget to turn off your Zoom camera though (unless you like people seeing you twice).

Shaping Up

Cameo presents you with new creative ways to incorporate your video. Firstly, you can change the shape of your camera. It ranges from arrow shapes to heart shapes (if you ever want to try and ask someone out using a PowerPoint presentation).

Rich Mulholland Cameo Shapes

Then you can change the size and position just like you would in any normal PowerPoint. You can even throw in some jazzy transitions for your camera between the slides.

Mom I’m on TV!

Cameo gives you unlimited freedom with the placement of your camera feed, the possibilities are truly endless. From floating in the cosmos, having your face over the Statue of Liberty, or the big screen at Times Square, you’re free to flex those creative muscles and create more engaging presentations like never before.

How do I do this?

Here’s some steps to getting your Cameo journey started:

  1. Open up PowerPoint
  2. Go to Insert
Insert Cameo
  1. Click on Cameo
  2. The Cameo tab lets you change up the styles and shapes, accessed through the preview tab:
Camera Preview
  1. The bottom left of your camera feed object lets you switch your camera on and off.
Inside PowerPoint - Click on the Camera Icon
  1. Let your creativity flow!

And here’s how to share in Zoom: 

1. Go into your slide share area.

Zoom Share screen
  1. Turn your Zoom camera off
  2. Tick the ‘Optimize for video clip’ box
Zoom: Optimise for video Clip
  1. You are ready to present!

If you want even more tips and to see this awesome new tool in action, you may want to check out this week’s Lead Loud, featuring our very own, Rich Mulholland.

Images by Missing Link and Microsoft

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