How to use Prezi to Fire Up your Online Presentations and Meetings

How to Use Prezi Video to Fire up Your Online Presentations and Meetings

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You’re going to want to drop your metaphorical mic once you know how to use Prezi Video to supercharge your online presentations, meetings and pitches. After helping scores of professional speakers and leaders with harnessing the power of Prezi Video, I’ve put together this piece to explain why everyone should be using Prezi Video and a practical how-to pointer to get you started.

Who needs Prezi Video?

If you’re a business leader, professional speaker, salesperson or facilitator, then it’s imperative you don’t lose focus at this point. You need Prezi video in your life. And with a little curiosity, a pinch of exploration and some practice, I’m going to show you how you can use it to make it work hard for your presentations.

Why You need Prezi Video

Most presentations, pitches and meetings lie in the land of mediocrity. We accept the boundaries and limitations of the virtual conferencing platforms that we’re given. Furthermore, we succumb to the awkward mundane social signals that have arisen as a result. Like the awkward waiting for people join a meeting, the close-ups of people’s foreheads as they tinker with their settings, and the administrative time-killer of watching people request and then grant each other share screen rights.

Prezi video solves this last pain point in a most brilliant way.

“Can you let me share my screen, please” makes us want to die!

One of the biggest problems it solves is the clumsy, bureaucratic functionality of screen sharing. There’s no worse kick-off to a presentation than having to watch the administrative interlude of screen sharing rights. It’s a ghastly mood killer that immediately alerts the “I’m bored” trigger in your audiences’ brains.

Prezi video to the rescue!

Ultimately, you don’t ever have to worry about your screen sharing rights at all. You’re always good to go. This is because Prezi video allows you to overlay your slides on the output of your video. To illustrate, that means your slides are always “sleeping” in the background until you’re ready to use them.

Check out this video on why we use Prezi Video for all our online presenting.

Why is Prezi Video so helpful?

For Professional Speakers:

Because it integrates with all the virtual meeting platforms, you don’t have to be an expert at all the meeting platforms. You can develop your unique presentation, house it on Prezi video and present onto any platform. Your slides and your talk stay the same – the way you want to present it, no matter the platform.

Remember I spoke about overlaying earlier? Well, that’s how it works. Because you’re overlaying your presentation on your video output, you can activate a virtual camera when jumping onto any of the meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

For the Salesperson or the business leader:

Imagine a client has a question like “ok so what are the next steps”. Without “Prezi Video” you’d have to ask them to share your screen so that you could bring up your process infographic. The request to share screen could create a boundary to get through. With Prezi video, you’d be able to bring up the process infographic as the question is asked and anywhere on your screen – next to you, instead of you!

I’m sold! Tell me how Prezi Video works, Josh. 

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty how to’s so we can get you on that first-class ticket on a plane out of Mediocrity city.

How to get started with Prezi Video

Step 1

Step 1 Download Prezi

Step 2

Prezi Dashboard

Upload your content. You can choose to build your content directly in Prezi Video or you can import an existing PowerPoint directly into the app (Make sure you’ve used generic fonts like Arial etc.)

Step 3

How to use Prezi to Fire Up your Online Presentations and Meetings with Josh Peterse

Select a template or style.

How to overlay your presentation on your video output

Now that you’ve got your presentation loaded on Prezi, let’s get into setting yourself up so that it’ll run no matter what platform you present on:

Step 4

How to use Prezi to Fire Up your Online Presentations and Meetings

When you’re ready to present, save your own Prezi Video. Then head over to the platform you’ll be presenting on and change your camera settings to use the Prezi camera as the source.

Step 5

How to use Prezi to Fire Up your Online Presentations and Meetings with Josh Peterse

Go back and click on the Video Conferencing button. If for any reason, it doesn’t automatically connect, you must ensure that you’ve logged into the meeting platform through Prezi Video too.

Step 6

How to use Prezi to Fire Up your Online Presentations and Meetings - Screen with Josh and Sean

Before you start any of your meetings or presentations, you must ready up your Prezi Video and slides. Prezi Video must be active and your slides at the ready before you jump onto the meeting platform.

Get control over the controls.

If you want your presentations, transitions and timing to flow seamlessly, then you should be sure to get comfortable with the shortcuts and controls needed.

For example, on your keyboard, numbers 1, 2 and 3 control the view your audience has of your slides.

Number 3 is for a full slide view. Prezi Video boots you off the screen and gives all the real estate to your slide. A great option when you want your audience to focus on specific information on your slide, or you want them to screenshot something that’s prettier (and more useful) than your face.

If you do want people to see you and only you in all your glory, then you’d use number 1. This gets rid of all those distracting slides so that you can tell a strong oral story.

Best of both worlds? That’ll be number 2, where the audience will be able to see both you and your slides simultaneously. This is the most popular view used.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Using Prezi Video doesn’t just supercharge your presentations, it’s also a very practical solution for many functional pain points on virtual meeting platforms. Bookmark this guide for when you’re ready to explore it. Don’t forget to be curious and explore what you can do with it. Once you’re all set-up with your presentation at the ready, rehearse. Out loud. Many times.


You’ve read this far… might as well read this little (unapologetic) punt. 

If you’re in the business of professional speaking or you’re looking to elevate your slide narrative and talk, we’ve been helping people level up their presentations for over 20 years. So we know a thing or two about captivating and activating an audience. If you’d like to explore how we can help you, take a little peek at our programmes here.

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