Are only your top salespeople closing deals, while the rest of the rest of your team struggles to keep up? What sets these top performers apart?

The secret lies in their ability to engage in conversational presenting.

While others fumble through the sales process, these select few intuitively know which questions to ask and adapt to each varying situation, while the rest grasp tightly to the rigid “show-up-and-throw-up” presentation of features and benefits.

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Conversational presenting is a MUST HAVE skill for every single salesperson. Here’s why:

Sales is not a one-way street.

Understanding your customer’s needs and engaging in meaningful dialogue is paramount. Conversational presenting is the key skill required to excel in this dynamic environment.

Unlike the traditional sales approaches that rely on a rigid script that shows off the products fantastic features and benefits, conversational presenting allows your salespeople to adapt and navigate all kinds of sales conversations.

Allowing them to uncover the clients unique pain point and make it mightily clear that it needs solving real soon… by you of course!

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(Dragons are scary AF…)

At Missing Link, we have found that managing the story arc is crucial to effective sales conversations. This begins by identifying the dragons our clients are struggling with, asking them to rank these dragons based on their priority. By understanding which specific challenge the client needs help with the most, we can tailor our approach and offer a solution that directly addresses their pain points.

Making sure we are not waffling and offering a cure for the wrong disease!

PLUS! Conversational presenting allows your sales team to establish a genuine connection with potential customers. By engaging in a dialogue rather than a monologue, salespeople can actively listen, empathize, and respond appropriately. This builds trust and fosters a stronger relationship between the salesperson and the prospect.

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All in all, next to storytelling, conversational presenting is the sales secret weapon that can unlock the full potential of your team. Removing that frustrating inconsistency within your sales. If you want this dream to become a reality, then you should get in touch with us ASAP.

Our Unfair Advantage online sales training series will give your team the power to persuade and improve their sales conversations with the clients by using proven psychological and sales techniques to their (unfair) advantage (See what we did there… Not just a clever name…😉)