I have a theory that the world’s most persuasive profession have to be doctors.

Think about it:

  • You book an appointment (that the make you wait for), and you pay them for the privilege.
  • They tell you to go to another shop in order to spend money on things that you can’t pronounce.
  • You then go home and ingest chemicals into your body – chemicals that have a long-ass list of side-effects.

And you agree to this with out a moments thought. Why?

It’s because they understand a very simple idea:

Who asks, wins.

In persuasive conversation, the person that asks the questions controls the narrative, and the person that controls the narrative has a far better chance of scripting the ending. And ending with a written script is exactly what doctors offer – literally.

Think about it, if you walk into a doctor’s room and ask them to give you a script for a specific pill, a refutable practitioner will stop you, and follow the following steps:

Ask -> Listen -> Diagnose -> Prescribe.

In that order. 

The result is that you trust the process, that went into the thinking, that went into the prescription, that resulted in pills that went into your bloodstream.

If you’re curious, I  write more about this in Here Be Dragons, but for now just remember this one idea.

Who asks, wins.

Stop believing that you need to show up to meetings with all the answers, and start understanding that you need to show up with better questions.

And if you need help with persuasive-questions, well then you know just who to ask, right?

Take charge, get asking…!