You’re trying to have an important video call and your cat jumps on the table and walks into view, the coffee shop you’re in is too loud, your colleague walks in and disturbs the meeting, you get cut off because of weak WIFI signal. If any of these have happened to you and you’re on the brink of giving up hope on video calls, then keep reading because we’ve got a guide for the perfect video call setup!

At Missing Link we’re in the process of becoming remote-first and are on a mission to only use video calls to relay a message to an audience. Not only does it save time and effort by not travelling to meetings, but it also keeps you away from the current kooties that are floating about. We understand that the less you have to worry about when making the video call allows you to focus all your attention on why you’re meeting in the first place and that’s why we’re all for Call Caves, a space specifically designed for videos calls.

What do we consider a good video call setup (Call Cave)?

Can you leave me alone please?

This prevents colleagues, waiters, pets and pretty much anyone else from disturbing your meeting. If you’re at home or in the office, find a meeting room you can close. We’ve made little “Do not disturb” door handle signs that you’d see in hotel rooms with a little “Live on air” twist, which work really well.


Make sure your face is lit up enough so that your audience can see you clearly but not too much that you’re a deer in headlights. When you’re in a coffee shop, sit facing the windows which will give you more light than if you had your back facing the window.

Screen Height
Look into the camera

No one wants to see up your nose, stare at your belly button or be so close to your face they can count the blackheads. Use books, desk stands, interns, whatever you need to prop your screen up to the right height and make sure it’s level. The ideal line of sight is from your lower chest to about just above your head.

Strong Wifi
There is no internet connection

A video call’s kryptonite is weak WIFI, you want to have crystal clear video and audio as well as the ability to send large files to your audience while on the call. If you are struggling with the signal, kill your video on both ends of the call and only use audio. We recall audio much better than visuals and what you’re talking about is more important than seeing each other.

A Neat Background
So messy...

We don’t just mean tidy, use the space behind you to its full potential. Use your company’s corporate identity to create something unique or use a template background on the video call software you’re using. If you have a designated Call Cave paint the background wall or use pull-up banners that represent you or your brand. It creates consistency and looks professional.


Your Call Cave should be plug and playable. Within seconds you should be able to sit down, set up and be ready for the call. In your meeting request to your audience, send through the video call link a few days before and suggest that before the meeting they test their video and audio equipment so that your call can start on time without any hassles.

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