Brilliant leaders and successful speakers know something you don’t. Something you were never taught. A formula, consisting of three words, that is fundamental to ensuring they hook their audiences undivided attention right from the get go… and never lose it…

Want to learn it? Of course you do!

A quick aside though. We have a MASSIVE question to ask you at the end. It’s exciting AF, but without any further ado, let’s get into it!


You need to take these 10 words WRITE THEM DOWN and meditate on them! Your audience does not care (this applies to anyone sharing any kind of content). It’s vital you understand (and accept) this truth and then you can get working on fixing it. But how?

Fuel pump with the words G.A.S. on it

(Give A Shit tank)

Everyone in your audience has a G.A.S. tank and at the very beginning its very low if not bone-dry empty. Your job at the start is to fill it just enough to get them to stick around and hear what you what you have to say. Let’s go back to the beginning for a moment.

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The moment you all been waiting for… the three word formula:


There you have it. The solve. You MUST start off your presentation by clearly creating a curiosity gap. An itch must develop in your audiences brain that they know only YOU and what you’re about to tell them can scratch.

Here’s a guide on creating an itchy brain:
Julian Shapiro’s Novelty levers are the key. He makes sure you understands the topic, then delivers something counter-intuitive, or uses elegant articulation, or invokes shock and awe.

It’s simple: say what they aren’t thinking, what they aren’t saying, say it differently, or say something that widens their eyeballs and gets them sitting up. These departures from their current worldview are enough to create that curiosity gap and, combined with their interest in the topic, fill up their G.A.S. tanks. Many skip straight along to the G.A.S. depleting information and then the audience doesn’t really care about the content.

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If you you have something you want to get across to the audience first meditate on the 10 word mantra above. Accept it as truth and now solve it. Start by filling up your audiences G.A.S. tanks, and if you want to do that, remember the formula. Curiosity + Clarity = G.A.S.

Deffs check out this vid for a much more in depth view:


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