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What Saying “Not My Job” Actually Means

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We all understand what good service means… but do we understand great service? We don’t think so. This talk is designed to change the way your team thinks about great service (spoiler, just doing your job, well…isn’t).

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This is the idea we want you to understand, and the idea that is crucial for your team to understand… if you want great customer service of course. 

Good service is defined by how well you do your job. Great service is defined by how well you do your NOT MY JOB.”


A common phrase used to deflect tasks beyond one’s defined responsibilities. Yet, champions of excellence view these words as a direct route to greatness.

This reality is best expressed by a contrast of characters, Amazon and CD Baby. 

CD Baby

Derek Sivers, the visionary founder of CD Baby, realised something when he bought something off Amazon and he read the the mundane transactional email in the history of forever. An email filled with meaningless words that ignited zero connection or engagement with him as the customer.

So he spotted an opportunity…

Derek decided to be different. He decided to write a letter to his customers. A letter that took you on a journey of how your CD was handled with care, polished to perfection, and celebrated before it reached your doorstep. 

They didn’t have to do this. It’s not apart of their job. But they did and boy did it pay off. 

Derek sold CD Baby for 22 Million SMACKAROOS! The genuine connection with his customers led to tons of repeat business and loyal fans. GO DEREK! 

Now, imagine applying these principles to your own business. Our latest Atomic Talk coaching video isn’t your typical corporate spiel; it’s a friendly nudge to rethink how you engage with service across the board. We want you to embrace the “not my job” experience – going that extra mile.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our free video and slide deck and discover the secrets to turning good service into unforgettable experiences.