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Your Business Has A Communication Problem Thats Stopping Your Success

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Imagine every single person in your business was instantly 10% better at explaining the problem you solve in the world to your customers.

How much better would your business be?

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We have made this entirely possible for you. In our new Atomic Talk based on the book The Art of Explanation by Lee LeFever… badass name… LeFever, the creator of Common Craft, a globally recognized company renowned for simplifying intricate concepts in concise animated videos, wrote this book for the main reason of pointing out a stumbling stone in the path of many businesses.

Despite putting in the hard graft to make a fantastic product or even a sublime service, many businesses will stumble when it comes time to explain exactly what it is they do or what problem they solve to their customers. 

A great idea poorly explained, ceases to appear great, and the cost is tremendous.

You simply can’t risk poorly communicating what it is you solve for.

The core concept of this book is that there is a cost of understanding, and if that cost seems to high, their willingness to learn decreases. How do we lower the cost of understanding?

You could read the book, but it’s highly unlikely your team will. You need this knowledge instilled within their minds ASAP! We got you covered.

We mined all the gold nuggets from this book and crafted a 15 minute talk just for you so that you can impart this wisdom to your team quickly, and in a way that gets them acting upon it. As per usual, the coaching video and slide deck are all free.

So set aside some time to practice, book in that 15 minute slot with your team, stand and deliver, then take a seat and watch as your team starts taking action.